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Profium sense

Profium Sense™ is an in-memory graph database with an inference engine. Sense based applications are based on rules, which can be edited at run-time with a graphical editor. Sense is patent protected.

Profium Sense, video, AFP customer use case
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Sense improves Profium customers' business through context-awareness in real-time. Sense includes semantic search engine with intelligent inferencing technology.  

Sense allows you to create new digital content services which aggregate high volumes of data from various content sources. The data from these heterogeneous sources - such as news feeds, own content and CRM origins, sensor networks / IoT, Open Data, Big Data and Linked Data sources - becomes linked with the help of semantic technologies. This approach gives more real-time access to the data as a whole and allows users make better decisions or to create new information altogether.

Sense is a scalable, fast and flexible solution for global applications.

We have packaged Sense in four pre-configured application areas:
Context-Aware Services, Digital Asset Management, Situation Awareness and Content Based Routing.

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Profium Sense™ Digital Asset Management application allows numerous new products and ways of processing information. Sense provides an easy to use Web-based user interface, which allows a variety of end-users to find, share and use content easily in new products. Such information may include the contents of online shops, collections, the company's own archives, entertainment content, image databases and portals.

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Profium Sense™ supports Content Based Routing (CBR) by allowing you or your customers to reliably and quickly receive the content they are interested in.

Profium Sense™ provides a graphical user interface for editing routing rules. This results in highly expressive semantic queries for filtering the relevant content from real-time data streams such as news and trading information.

Example: A news agency creates customized routing rules, so the customer receives only the news he or she is interested in, and in the way he or she wants to receive it. These routing rules are based on the common concepts of the news with certain metadata or metadata deduced from a certain ontology namely categories of contents and their relations.

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Profium Sense™ Context Aware Services (CAS) application takes into account the end-user's role, location and needs. Users can express their interest with familiar concepts. For example, hobbies, jobs, personal issues, such as allergies, family members and the locations associated. In other words, users themselves configure  the content of their own service.

Sense intelligently deduces what, when and where the channel to the end user is served. CAS is the simplest and most effective service in mobile environments where there is a clear and a predictable need for the end user. For example, Sense may alert the user that  their children’s way to school has a high risk of pollen exposure.

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Profium Sense™ Situation Awareness enables better understanding and awareness of what is going on in customer’s business context based on semantic assessment and visualization of data that describes the customer's business domain.

Situation Awareness allows you to monitor, for example, weather and traffic on maps. Thus the logistics company can proactively lead their business in real-time.

Sense Situation Awareness application is also easy to engage with open data sources.

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